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Online Teaching

Are you looking for Online Quran Teaching ?

Online Quran Teaching
As you know School Of Quran Online Quran Academy target those students who want to learn Quran online, this is more important to know their circumstances, society issues and other unavailability and shortfall of resources for Quran learning.
How online Quran teaching possible, and is it beneficial for them?
The answer is Yes! Why not, infect online Quran teaching is beneficial for all who else want to learn the Quran, it is more effective than any physical class either you go outside or hire a Quran Tutor at your home.
But we notice mostly people take advantage of these types of teaching and not to provide effective teaching by using unofficial software and techniques. Their aim is to get money or suppose it as like a business, sorry to say, these kinds of people damaging the status of online teaching as well as Quran teaching.

Some uses free online technologies and software, where you can’t get proper voice chat, irritation in connection and slow speed of sharing screen and files, you lose your much time and efforts to learn less than a professional teaching software. Those software are not built for teaching purposes, they built for social interactions and remote computing.
Quran teaching cannot be a business within people to people, it is between ALLAH (Subhana Watala) and His slaves, it is Sadqa e Jariyah (Continues Charity), Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Among the actions and good deeds for which a believer will continue to receive reward, after his death, are knowledge which he taught and spread, a good son whom he left behind, or a copy of the Quran which he left as a legacy, or a Masjid which he erected, or a house which he built for the traveller, or a stream which he caused to flow, or a Sadaqah which he gave from his property when he was alive and well, for which he will continue to receive reward after his death”. (Ibn Majah – Mishkat)
Another saying of Mohammad (peace be upon him) is “The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it (to others)”. (Bukhari)
There could be raised a question in your mind that if it is not a business, then why School Of Quran Online Quran Academy charging its Fee?
The answer is, we don’t charge Quran Teaching Fee, it is Hadya (Donation) to support this program happening and for the spreading of the Quran knowledge, which is also Sadaqah. We are a US based company having mathematics and food management teaching as well, and some other businesses as a main source of income. Our surviving cost for online Quran teaching is $40 per student, but as you know it is Hadya, you can even spend more money in the way of ALLAH to spread the word of ALLAH, we don’t ask Hadya to whom those can’t afford.

Benefits of Online Teaching:
  • You don’t have to send your kids outside or far away from home
  • Time, money and energy saving program
  • Online tools and interesting modern technologies will keep your kids on track
  • Your kids can take classes at your chosen time in 24/7
  • Tutor can give your kids focus about their learning (One-on-one class)
  • Your kids won’t be shy to ask questions, there are not many students around to hesitate them
  • You can watch and monitor your Kids classes without interrupting
  • You can get huge discount for Group Class. (Bringing more students with you)
Online Quran Learning | Online Quran Teaching | Quran Online Classes | Quran for Kids

Learning Quran Rewards:
  • Reading the Quran accomplishes our Islamic duty
  • Quran dispelling worries and regret
  • Your status will be elevated in this life
  • You can get 10 rewards for each letter of the Quran
  • The Quran will be a proof for you on Yom-ul-Qayama
  • The Quran will intercede for us on the Yom-ul-Qayama
  • The Quran will carry you to Heaven
  • Your place in Heaven is based on the remembering of the Quran
  • You will be one of the best people
  • You will be in the company of the noble and respectful angels

Quran Courses Online:
  • Quran Nazira for kids and Adults
  • Basic (Qaida) Quran Reading
  • Learn Quran with Tajweed
  • Memorization (Hifz) of the Quran
  • Quran Translation and Tafseer
We have male and female teachers 24/7 to introduce you about the real beauty of Quran.
Get three days free trial classes to test right now. It will give you an idea of our instruction tools and methodology we use in Online Quran Teaching.

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